December 11, 2014

Welcome (redux)

So, I accidentally deleted my original post while messing with the mobile app. Here's a repost that's reasonably close to the original. xD

Go is a great, rewarding game, but it can be both challenging and discouraging for beginners. I was lucky when I was a beginner, I met a great group of guys who loved the game and encouraged me through the rough initial stages of my journey.
I would like to offer that same encouragement to beginners. So, like every other child of the internet age, I created a blog! I plan on adding clear, concise lessons on specific situations in the hopes that I can help beginners avoid some of the same mistakes that I made (and still make!).
I'm new to the idea of teaching someone else to play go, so please bear with me. :) Hopefully, we can all improve together.